This Man Is so Obsessed With Photography, He Built a House Shaped Like a Camera

Think your obsession with cameras runs deep? One man is so infatuated with them, he decided to shape the architecture of his three-story house to resemble a camera body. And if that wasn’t enough, he also named his children Canon, Nikon, and Epson.

49-year-old Ravi Hongal is, perhaps unsurprisingly at this point, a professional photographer by trade, based in the Indian city of Belgaum. The property in question set him back $94,000 (£75,000), with a Nikon body, lens, Canon flash, film reels, a memory card, and a viewfinder all visible as part of the structure. Protruding from the center of the property’s exterior is also a huge lens cap. By night, several lights, including one based within the flash of the house’s speedlight, illuminate the front of the building, which Hongal has named “Click.” What’s more, the interiors are also designed to resemble various parts of a camera.

Hongal and his family have posed for a video filmed by local news outlet All About Belgaum in order to show off his outlandish creation. Needless to say, the properties on either side look in no way alike, which has led to Hongal’s camera house becoming quite the tourist attraction with locals.


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