Time-Lapses Become Accessible to Every Photographer With On1 Photo Raw 2022

On1 has introduced their new time-lapse feature with the latest version of Photo Raw 2022. This training video shows how easily you can stitch the images together to make a seamless video.

When On1 released their new version of Photo Raw 2022 a month or so ago, one of the new features was the ability to create a time-lapse video from a series of still images. Historically, this has been time-consuming for photographers. Even cameras that can automatically create time-lapse videos in body face the issues of jogged frames and flickering from changing exposure.

On1 automatically fixes these issues and speedily splices the images together, taking a fraction of the time that was once required to create a time-lapse.

In this short video, Dylan Kotecki from On1 takes you through the process. You start by applying a development preset to one of the images — you can create your own preset, of course — and then carry out other adjustments in the Edit module if required. It’s then a simple task of syncing those settings to all the images in the set. Once the images have all been modified with the synchronized settings, then it’s time to create the video.

Dylan likes the default settings for the video. However, for a cinematic feel, you could try changing the frame rate of 24 fps instead of the 30 fps default. The “reduce flicker” and “detect camera movement” options are selected by default, and these will automatically remove from the sequence the frames that can upset the look of the video.

Once you click the “create video” button, the software processes the frames into an MP4 file. It takes me a little over 2.5 minutes to process 504 raw images into a video.

Although not shown in the video, you can also use this to quickly and simply produce a stop-motion animation.

The entire process is incredibly simple and a lot less hassle than it is in Premiere Pro or Photoshop. If you want to give it a go, then a free 14-day trial of the software is available from the On1 website.

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