• Tuesday , 2 June 2020

Too Busy, Too Expensive? Some Truths About Landscape Photography in Iceland

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Iceland is still one of the most popular locations for landscape photographers on Earth. Here, a local photographer shares some truths about landscape photography in the land of ice and fire.

I have spent more time in Iceland than most landscape photographers, and over time, you learn quite a lot from the locals. Much of the information you hear on the internet is often complete nonsense or at least unique experiences from people who have only spent a short amount of time in a location. To get an understanding of the conditions of a country, you have to spend more time there than a few days.

In the above video, the local Icelandic photographer Óli Haukur shares some truths about landscape photography in Iceland. Among other, he shares his thoughts on the “overshot country” myth, why Iceland is called Iceland (no, you do not know why), if Iceland is super expensive, or if the government pays foreigners to settle down with a local.

Óli has been in the field of photography for many years and leads workshops around the world. He is a well-travelled person and can certainly compare Iceland to other popular photography locations and debunk some of the myths on the internet.

Check out the video above and let me hear your thoughts down in the comments.

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