Traveling 1,000 Miles for a Single Photograph

Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful locations in Europe and too often goes under the radar. In this video, one photographer travels to the far north of the British Isles to see some stunning landscapes.

Though I never have much of an inclination to go out and create landscape images, I still love both looking at printed landscapes and watching behind-the-scenes footage of photographers taking them. There is something so tranquil and soothing about many of these photographers, like First Man Photography, going out into the world to quietly capture its majesty.

In this video, First Man Photography ventured to the north of Scotland to photograph some of its mountains. While some people revere Scotland for its natural beauty, I still feel it goes underappreciated. It is, of course, a small country, attached to a country with only a few landscape hotspots, but as you push past the Scottish cities and into the Highlands, it feels as if you’ve left the U.K.

One of the first photographers I ever got to know happened to live in Scotland and was an award-winning landscape photographer. Though his work didn’t prompt me to follow in his footsteps at all, it has always given me a deeper appreciation of the craft and a desire to go back to the Highlands.

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