Tutorial: Render Solid Wire-Frames In Blender in under 5 min


A quick Blender tutorial on creating solid wire-frame renders. (More info below)
My website: http://www.deniszholob.com

Tutorial website link: http://deniszholob.99k.org/tutorials/render-wireframes/
(Download files here)
Also on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/34813262

Tutorial Level: Beginner
This tutorial covers:
*Solid Wire-frame Material setup

Quick Bookmarks:
Materials: 0:38 __ Backdrop: 2:24 __ Lighting and AO: 3:31

Note: This is very simple lighting, which you can change for even better results.
—*Change the secular intensity on the Solid material as you see fit, but i should be quite low.
—*Change the Alpha value as well in the Wire material. Value of 1 gives thick lines and lower values give thinner lines.
—*A value of .04 for z-offset may or may not work perfectly depending on the size and density of your model, so change that as you see fit, but it should be quite low.

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