• Sunday , 24 May 2020

Two Quick and Useful Tips for Using the Radial Filter in Lightroom

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Lightroom is full of both global and local adjustment tools for your images, and you might be surprised by just how far you can push an edit without having to jump into Photoshop. This quick and helpful video will show you two great tricks for getting more out of the Radial Filter tool in Lightroom. 

Coming to you from Anthony Morganti, this excellent video discusses two tricks for expanding the usefulness of the Radial Filter tool in Lightroom. The Radial filter tool is by far one of my favorite features, and I use it as a finishing touch on nearly every image I end up sending to clients or putting in my portfolio. While it can be used for a multitude of things, I generally use it to add a subtle vignette to the subject by reducing exposure outside the filter by a small amount (normally about a third of a stop) and using a large amount of feathering to make the transition extra smooth. But you can use the Radial Filter tool for much more than that; it is quite versatile and offers an efficient and powerful way to create targeted edits. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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