UE4: Control Rig – First Steps


This is my very first tutorial video for an experimental series of videos about me learning rigging and animating with the help of Control Rig in Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine Version: 4.25.1
Blender Version: 2.82

I briefly talk about my background, what Control Rig is and how to prepare your model in Blender.
We then import the model, enable Control Rig and check out the Control Rig Editor.
At the end we create one control and use the Distribute Rotation Solver to move the scorpions tail.

There is a brief outlook what comes next.

Also check out the Control Rig Mannequin Project on the Marketplace for further studies:

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26 responses to “UE4: Control Rig – First Steps”

  1. I would love to see a little bit on your blender animating, I'm having tons of issues getting a clean model that doesn't warp all over the place when IK is setup in Control Rig. Do you have any recommended resources?

  2. Help plz …I am trying to figure out how to use the absolute function inside on sequencer inside unreal engine? I want to be replace the animation below with new keyframe then ease back. now the character just slides off

  3. Hey man, very glad I found your channel, saw your video on the Unreal Engine channel and wanted to learn more! Was just curious about Root Motion with control rig, so in order for me to animate something that takes advantage of root motion, I just literally have to animate or affect the 'root' bone? (of course I still have to enable Root motion in the animation sequence etc but just asking purely from an animator perspective)

  4. If anyone watching this has the skills and time, Malber's Animations needs an Unreal Dev/animation specialist to help him port his really successful riding system and animal controller- Horse Animset Pro from Unity to Unreal (and I need to buy it when done). So if you have the skills, negotiate for a cut- it would sell a lot of units.

  5. In Blender, when recalculating the roll of the bones in a limb. (Armature > Bone Roll > Recalculate Roll> …) Is there a recommended orientation for Unreal? Or how does your choice affect the fbx output options?

  6. Hello, can you explain how you create the skeleton in blender ? Did you merge all meshes ? How when you are in edit mode, can you select only the leg if all the meshes are only onle object ? Thanks for your help.

  7. I saw that as you rotated your control rig circle, all the rotation axis were changing when it should have only been rotate x? Is that just because when you brought in your rig that the rotations weren't set to zero? Thanks for this tutorial! Great stuff!

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