Ultimate Gold Text Effect | Photoshop Tutorial


Create realistic gold type and logos without any custom painting in Photoshop – scroll through fonts and turn them to gold in real time! Free texture links and more listed below. Thanks for watching and please leave your comments or questions below!


Ultimate Gold Text Effect | Photoshop Tutorial



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If you’re having trouble downloading the gradient file, or would like to build it manually, the properties are:
Location: 0%, Color: fcf2b1
Location: 8%, Color: f0e68b
Location: 28%, Color: d4a031
Location: 42%, Color: 4a3d18
Location: 46%, Color: fae37f
Location: 53%, Color: aba149
Location: 67%, Color: f5e7b5
Location: 70%, Color: ffffff
Location: 77%, Color: f5e7b5

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28 responses to “Ultimate Gold Text Effect | Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. 20+ yr seasoned PS artist/designer, here…

    Your tutorials are like video crack & I could watch them all day… BUT I HAVE STUFF TO DO!!

    Please stop making me shirk my responsibilities to learn cool new things! 😉

  2. These tutorials are fantastic- well done! What I really like is how you show what different settings are actually doing and how they affect the finished project. I'm no pro, and I'm just doing this for my own entertainment (yeah, I know, nerd deluxe) and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. I'll bet I have the coolest home screens known to man!

  3. I just LOVE this video… I followed along and would love to create a signature brush for myself… I tried many different ways to try to accomplish this but I was able to make a brush but it doesn’t retain the gold… any further help here? Or another video please. Thank you

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