Using Adobe Photoshop's New AI to Make Colors Pop

Adobe Photoshop has had most of its recent major updates centered around its AI editing tools. In this video, find out how to make the colors of an image more punchy by using a filter you might not think to.AI image editing has seen a meteoric rise in the last few years. Whether it’s the computational effects in the new smartphones, or automatic object selection in Photoshop, everything is getting smarter. However, many editing suites have taken AI further and integrated tools that can do more dramatic and difficult tasks.

Photoshop’s Neural Filters are a great example of where automated editing is headed. In this relatively new section, there are many intelligent tools at your disposal. For example, in a recent update, one of the new additions that was particularly well-received was the Style Transfer filter. This allows you to take the tonality and “feel” of one image and apply it to another.

One consequence of so many new AI filters is that people will inevitably see what they can do in situations they were not necessarily intended. In this video by PiXimperfect, we see the Colorize Neural Filter — which is meant for colorizing old black and white images — can do to an image that is already color. The example image is low-contrast and reminds me of Log footage, but the Colorize filter does a good job of bringing out what is already there.

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