using the spin tool in blender 2 8 beginner tutorial

the new spin tool in blender 2.8 has been improved upon getting its own ui and new features you can now interactively edit and add new spins to your selections and your spin center point is nolonger restricted to the 3d cursor after and it also has its own button in the tools menu.

when you click the spin tool from the menu you now see control points around your selections that you can use to edit the spin options and also you will get a new floating window to change the spin tool settings like any new and old tools.

its crazy how i used to work without these options and i dont think i can go back to not using them, btw it still retains the short cut alt + R
Download 3d model here

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3 thoughts on “using the spin tool in blender 2 8 beginner tutorial

  • August 4, 2019 at 16:24

    Love 2.8 generally but this spin aspect when you're not working to a standard axis line is an absolute pain in the backside – worst change they have ever made in my opinion – the old system was sooooo simple in comparison – now trying to align stuff up that doesn't sit on a standard axis is hell!

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