V-Ray | Realistic CRYSTAL Shading Tutorial | Quartz, Minerals


In this tutorial you will learn how to build realistic looking shaders for any kind of Crystal, Quartz, Mineral, Diamond, Gemstone and so on. We will first talk about the very basics of modeling and then quickly move on to set up our shaders. We will talk about how to add nice looking Bump Maps for refractive meterials. set up Translucency and how we can simply add the illusion of trapped in air bubbles and imperfections.

I am using 3ds Max and V-Ray 5 in this demo but you can also use the same techniques for older versions such as V-Ray NEXT and V-Ray 3.
A similar workflow can also be used in other software such as Cinema4d, Maya, Blender and different kind of render engine such as Corona, Octane, Redshift, Arnold, Cycles, CyclesX, Eevee and countless others.


00:00 – Introduction
00:43 – Modeling Basics
02:30 – Bump Maps
06:11 – Air Bubbles and Imperfections
09:04 – Refractive Materials
11:34 – Glossiness Variations
13:19 – Translucency
16:37 – Outro

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16 responses to “V-Ray | Realistic CRYSTAL Shading Tutorial | Quartz, Minerals”

  1. Love the tutorial, going to try and see if I can do this in Blender as I don't use Max…. hopefully can figure similar settings which I think is very similar. As one of the best crystal tutorials i've seen.

  2. Whenever you release a video, I get a snack and watch it fullscreen for its entirety. It's always amazing discovering how you approach various shaders, learning a ton from you ! Thank you very much

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