Video Shows Lion-Tiger Hybrid Jumping on National Geographic Photographer


The camera was rolling when a lion-tiger hybrid jumped on a National Geographic photographer in an animal sanctuary after pulling away from his handler. 

Thankfully, the photographer, Steve Winter, was uninjured in the incident, with some saying the animal was just trying to play with him as opposed to attacking. Nonetheless, at 275 pounds, even when just playing, the tiliger (a hybrid of a male tiger and a female ligress) could easily cause serious injury. 

The incident happened at the Safari Sanctuary in Oklahoma, where the 18-month-old tiliger, Langely, was taken after being rescued from an exotic animal park that no longer wanted him. Winter was there to work on “The Tiger Next Door,” which documents captive tigers, which is featured in the December issue of National Geographic and highlights the issues big cats living in captivity face. 


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