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Viral Photo of Newborn Surrounded by Syringes is Reminder of the Difficulty of IVF Treatment

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One photographer’s newborn photo is doing the rounds on the internet for its thought-provoking concept. Symbolizing the couple’s fertility struggle, the baby is surrounded by hundreds of IVF syringes.

Arizona-based couple Patricia and Kimberly O’Neill reached out to photographer Samantha Packer with the idea. Seeking photos similar to the newborn shoots they’d seen previously, the couple wanted to develop the concept into something more unique – and ended up including in the photo all 1,616 syringes they had used during their four-year long effort to conceive.

Their daughter, who they named London, was two weeks old at the time the image was taken. Positioned to create two heart shapes around her, the inner layer of syringes are those Patricia used for twice-daily blood thinning treatments. The outer layer are from her in vitro fertilization (IVF) injections. It took the couple four years to conceive, with a total of 7 attempts. Within those efforts, they also suffered 3 miscarriages.

The photo has since been circulated around the internet, acquiring over 61,000 shares on Packer’s Photography page on Facebook. Speaking of its virality, photographer Packer told TIME: “I knew it was special when I took it because we were all tearing up. I didn’t, however, realize how strongly it would resonate with others.”

London was born on 3rd August of this year.

Image used with permission of Samantha Packer.

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