Web automation with JavaScript for beginners | Puppeteer

welcome to the introduction of web automation or web scraping with Javascript using Puppeteer. In this video, we will do an introduction with Puppeteer, which can be used for web automation as well as for web scraping. We will be learning towards web scraping, still I will show you the automation of browser.
Have fun !
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30 responses to “Web automation with JavaScript for beginners | Puppeteer”

  1. Amazing tutorial.. It really helps me, thank you!

    I just want to ask on how to get tha data inside the element without displaying the element, just like the submenu of the navigation bar, I can only get the data of the submenu if I hover the cursor to the menu since the element of the submenu will appear.. Can you help me about this? Thank you..

  2. Well it's funny that I am watching this video at 3 am after trying multiple applications that actually didn't work. All I need is to automate several actions, I have tried iMacros, CAB and UI.Automation, maybe I'm just too stupid to use them properly lol. So, I have a question. I have a web page, I need to copy the information from one field (it doesn't look like a field, just one or two words) to another field, I have thousands of such pages (every time I need to copy and paste different information) and I want to automate these actions, because they are very time consuming. Maybe you can recommend me a good tutorial based on JS? I am have 0 coding skills, about 2 years ago I just tried to learn something in JS lol.

  3. Hey @Hitesh Choudhary, nice tutorial!

    Got stuck, how do I do this –
    1. Open a webpage (you see list of items)
    2. Click an item – you go inside item detail page
    3. Extract data from the detail page (like name, desc, images…)
    4. Now store all this data as a markdown file (.md) with the item name as the file name
    5. Repeat the same for 300+ items

    P.S. the class names are complex(with weird names and numbers). How do I use the same with XPATH?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. thank you, sir, apse Mai bahut inspire Hua hu, main web development chorna chahta tha, apke videos dekh karke bahut kuch sikhnane aur janne ko milta hai, thanks you for teaching us. love from Chhattisgarh๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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