Wedding Photographer Denounced for Using 'Disgusting' Gay Couple in Advert

A Kentucky wedding photographer who used an image of a gay couple in an advert has been told that her inclusive business is disgusting and that she needs to rethink her values.

Lacy Hilliard runs Wandering Elm Photography in Somerset, Kentucky and recently ran a small advert in her local Money Saver magazine featuring six photographs of couples, one of which was gay. On Saturday, Hilliard received a voicemail on her phone from someone who had seen the advert and felt compelled to get in touch.

“You really need to rethink your values,” the caller explains. “This is Kentucky. This isn’t San Francisco. It isn’t L.A. It’s not New York.” The caller also describes the advert as “disgusting” and “an abomination.”

Hilliard felt that it was important to use the call as a means of fighting prejudice and promoting inclusivity. Using the hashtag #LoveWins, Hilliard checked with the featured couple and then shared it through her Facebook business page.

Speaking to LEX18, she explained that “All people are welcomed at my studio regardless of race, color, sexual orientation.”

Thanks to the publicity, the caller’s objections seem to have inadvertently promoted both the business and inclusivity, with the message turned from one of bigotry into one of openness and positivity.

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