Wedding Photography Behind the Scenes | Full Wedding Day | Free Wedding Photography Course

Follow a REAL wedding photographer at a REAL wedding day in this near 3 hours of wedding photography behind the scenes footage. In this video, you’ll get loads of wedding photography tips to help you run your wedding photography business and help you become a wedding photographer. We’ll be covering all parts of the wedding day from groom prep, bride prep, first look, detail shots, group portraits, couple portraits, and even the reception. Get ready to learn so much in this free wedding photography course!!

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Gear Used for the Day:

Holdfast Gear Roamographer
Holdfast Gear Money Maker (dual leather strap):
Holdfast Gear Sightseer (bag on my back):
Holdfast Gear Lens Pouch:
Fujifilm X-T3(x2):
Fujifilm 23 f/2:
Fujifilm 35 f/2:
Fujifilm 50 f/1.0:
Fujifilm 14 f/2.8:
Flashes – Godox v860ii(f):
Flash Modifiers:
GNARBOX for backups:
Flatlay Mat: (use code JBIV for 10% off)

All music in this video provided by Artlist:

All vendors for this wedding day:
Makeup: @Taya Marin Beauty
Wedding Video:
BTS Video:


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Lightroom Classic + Lightroom CC for Photo Editing:

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Backblaze to Backup my Data: the Best Way to Add Closed Captions to your Youtube Videos:

VidIQ for Youtube content and tag research:

License Free Music for Youtube and Wedding Videos:

Video Index:
Intro 0:00
Gear I’m Using 1:10
KEH Camera 1:39
Start of the Day 3:04
Bride Flatlay Details 5:42
Dress Shot 9:28
Groom Flatlay Details 13:52
Bride Makeup 17:18
Bridesmaids Robe Shot 19:39
Bride Getting in Dress 21:42
First Look with Father 33:13
Groom Getting Ready 35:22
First Look 42:04
Couple Portraits 1 48:24
Bridesmaids Portraits 55:43
Groom Solo Portraits 1:01:09
Couple Portraits 2 1:03:11
Bride Solo Portraits 1:05:34
Reception Details 1:09:40
Groomsmen Portraits 1:12:39
Ceremony 1:16:10
Mid Day Backup 1:28:35
Family Portraits 1:29:06
Full Bridal Party Portraits 1:33:40
Couple Portraits 3 1:36:38
Reception Intros 1:46:50
Father Opening Speech 1:50:03
Speeches 1:51:27
First Dance 1:57:23
Father Daughter Dance 1:59:05
Mother Son Dance 2:02:07
Reception 2:04:16
Soul Train Line 2:08:51
Cake Cut 2:10:44
Reception Part 2 2:14:14
Sparkler Exit 2:15:50
How to deliver your wedding images 2:21:36
Ending 2:30:08


My Recording Gear:
Fujifilm XT4:
Fujifilm XT3:
Fujifilm 23mm f/2:
Mefoto Tripod:
Rode VideoMic NTG:
Atomos Ninja V:
SanDisk Extreme Pro:
MagMod MagBox Softbox:
Godox SL60W:


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  1. The fact that I could sit through this whole video says a whole lot. You are professional, captivating and informative. I just shoot out of hobby, one day I will gain the confidence to shoot professionally. I know this took a long time to put together; I must say it came out well. Thank you for this beautiful content!

  2. Your etiquette is excellent. Your advice is so practical. I am a hobbyist photographer that got pulled into wedding photography by friends that loss their contracted photographer who took I’ll from Covid. From that I was booked for 3 other weddings. Your videos have been a crash course to get good results. Super appreciate your work and sharing

  3. Hey John ! I absolutely love all your videos . Thank you so much for all your content. You had a video where you shared a questionnaire for photographer to ask their client I and I can’t find it ( I watch so many of your videos I honestly can’t remember where is it ). Can you please point me on the right direction pls

  4. Thanks John for this amazing video, so much heart into making it, and lots of really good photos! Mind if I ask, at the outdoor dance around 1:57:23 and onwards, your flash is pointed upwards and the ceiling is actually quite high there. Were you relying on the reflected light from the ceiling, or were you just wanting to use the side light from the magsphere to illuminate your subjects? Thanks!

  5. I am a wedding planner and I let this video play while I was working on a client file. I had to come on and say: THANK YOU for putting this out here for photographers. Photographers, John has given you some SOUND and INVALUABLE advice here. Staying on task means you stay on schedule! You can see that the clients were comfortable with John and trusted his guidance. The photos tell the story for years to come! 10 out of 10!

  6. Hi John, I also have another question come up if thats ok. Can I ask which shutter modes you use for a wedding and when you use them please? I see that the fully electronic shutter mode is completely quiet which is great for churches and up close in ceremonies but is this the best choice? Also really interested in knowing whether you change your shutter mode when you use flash. Many thanks

  7. Hi John. I only just discovered you on here but really enjoyed this video. I particularly love your on camera flash shots. I've struggled to get pleasing consistent results but you look like you can set it up and forget about it. I have the same flash and magmod sphere but do your settings of 800 ISO, 1/60th sec, aperture wide open and flash at 1/32 power work in all situations? or do you adjust depending on where you are? Like does this method work in high ceiling venues, barns, etc? I guess I'm after a proven method that I can use all the time to get great results. At the moment my settings always change and I don't have a place to start. Sorry for the long question. Great video 🙂

  8. I love working with photographers, and I know I’d get on with you. Started watching thinking I’d watch a little then watched the whole thing,loved all the info you gave. I’m always a fan of behind the scenes

  9. Ima need some shoe recommendations. This is some WORK, man. Beautiful work, great compassion for photography and the client – this information for this process being free and accessible is legendary. All the best!

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