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We're Building the New Fstoppers Studio in Puerto Rico |
  • Tuesday , 29 September 2020

We're Building the New Fstoppers Studio in Puerto Rico

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Just a couple months ago Patrick and I made the last minute decision to move to Puerto Rico. We’ve rented a giant house to live and work in and we will be sharing the process of turning this empty home into the new Fstoppers Studio. 

You probably have a lot of questions about why we moved to Puerto Rico and what it’s like actually living here. Tomorrow we will release a new video that should answer everyone’s questions but in this video we wanted to give everyone an idea of what our new “office” looked like before we started the renovation. For the next few months we will be building sets, furnishing the house, networking every room, building new PCs, and reviewing a massive amount of new gear. Although the house is quite large, our shooting spaces are not, and we will be sharing how we deal production issues like lighting in tight rooms with low ceilings and managing the crazy echo in a concrete structure. 

If you’ve ever considered building a photo or video studio in your house, you’re going to love the content that we produce over the next few months. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay tuned for all of our new content. 

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