What is Aperture in Camera ? (HINDI) | Easy Photography Tutorial

In this video we’ll learn ‘what is aperture / F-stop / F number in Camera/ DSLR’ , uses of aperture and all the other details related to aperture in Photography or Mobile Photography. This video is a easy photography tutorial or a lesson of photography which also covers ‘what is depth of field’ . I purposely made sure to use understandable and simple/ easy language.

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Corrections :
At 5:20 : *area in focus
At 6:42 : *video

About Channel :
Delhiwalla is a ‘Hindi Photography Channel’ where you get to learn photography and other things related to Camera.

Vaibhav Arora, a stand up comedian and a photographer, his love for photography developed in class 5th with his dad’s Kodak K10 camera. He somehow got admission in Bachelor in Journalism and mass communication and found his love for photography again. He’s a self learner and is still learning and making mistakes but willing to learn more and rectify.
Vaibhav strongly believes that art form can be subjective and there is no definite guidelines.

I don’t know why Vaibhav is writing his YouTube’s description in third person. Weird.

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