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MYSQL DBA Certification Training https://www.edureka.co/mysql-dba ** ) This Edureka tutorial video on What is MySQL? gives you an insight on the basics of …

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  2. In 4m 30 sec to 4m 49 sec
    Good History
    It is new for Me

    Generally Databases are Two Types
    1)Local Machine Database examples) MS Access
    Using this we can desktop applications
    2)Server Side Database
    Examplesl) SQL Servers
    Using this Web Application and Dynamic Websites

    Is MySQL is Local Machine Databases or Server Side Database

  3. Edureka
    I love u and all.But u have got so many videos ,u need to arrange them properly in ur playlists.Some of ur playlists contain multiple vids
    relating to same concept.So a viewer who can not stream might go to playlists and literally get confused at the content.
    Other than that they r great.

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