• Monday , 25 May 2020

What You Should Know About Instagram as a Wildlife Photographer

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As a wildlife photographer on Instagram, your feed is likely constantly filled with amazing animal images. On the good days, this can be absolutely inspiring and you may learn a thing or two. The times when you aren’t having much luck in the field, however, an Instagram feed can be a harsh place that makes you doubt your own progress and your work.

In this new video from my YouTube channel, my goal was to give wildlife photographers a break from the self-doubt and remind them of common practices about the platform, photography in general, and how to better place the negative thoughts.

This starts with the fact that wildlife photographers will share many different photos from just one animal encounter but spread out over time, or reshare already-posted photos altogether in order to consistently update their feed with quality work. Next, I talk about post-processing and offer the reminder of how much of an impact great editing skills can have on photos that may have started out average. Finally, there’s the takeaway that the Instagram community from all I’ve seen is actually a very helpful place for wildlife photographers and I encourage people to send more messages and ask more questions.

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