• Saturday , 18 November 2017

What's Been in a Photographer's Bag Over a 30-Year Span

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We’ve all see those “what’s in my bag” videos on YouTube, but this one was particularly interesting to me, as it’s a fun walk through camera history. Check out how one professional landscape photographer’s gear bag has evolved over the course of three decades.

Craig Roberts is a landscape and travel photographer. In this video, he walks us through the cameras and lenses he has shot with from 1986 to 2017, detailing why he chose each one, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how they fit into the industry at large at the time. It’s a fascinating look at one person’s journey through modern camera history. I was happy to see my favorite film camera, the Fuji GSW690III, make an appearance. Affectionately called the “Texas Lecia,” the camera was hilariously oversized when pressed to someone’s face, but it also churned out gorgeous 6×9 cm negatives that were sharp as a tack. I found it particularly interesting to see his kit top out at a massive 6×17 cm camera, before gradually downsizing all the way down to a micro four thirds system. Have you been shooting for quite a while now? Tell us what’s been in your bag over the years and what your favorite camera was!

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