When Should You Give Up on Your Photography?

Creative entrepreneurs have a different hill to climb compared to other professions. Other professions have a set path to follow. Sign up for the right classes, then pass the predetermined tests, and qualify for a piece of paper that tells the market you are good enough.

You and I have a different path and what works for me might be different than what works for you. We have general rules, but we do not have set rules and that’s one of the reasons why it can be difficult. That’s why we have lingering thoughts about giving up and I’ve been there myself. When is it time to try something else? 

Why Do People Tell You To Give Up?

Have you noticed how people are sitting at a desk job tell you that it’s time to give up? They wonder if you’ll ever get a “real job” or if you’re ready to grow up? Here are two main reasons why people ask you to give up on your dreams.

  • They haven’t been able to do it themselves. It’s easier to discourage someone than to chase your own dreams. Misery loves company and from experience, I’d ask you to stay away from those people or at the very least stop sharing your goals with them.
  • They are doing OK with photography and they see your talent. They can see what you’re capable of and that scares them. They see your full potential before you see your own potential. 

The video goes into length about these types of people and why they discourage you. It’s important to know the character types because you will hear their critique (if you have not already). We cannot stop how they feel, but what we can do is manage how we interact with them. 

How I Cut Down on Bad Photography Projects

In this video, I offer a simple but effective strategy that works for me. I’ve been doing it for years and I feel that one of the reasons why I’ve done well is because I employ these tactics. For me, it cuts down on the failures and allows me to work and focus on the winning days. It’s a simple strategy that simply works if you are willing to put 10-minutes aside after every project. 

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