Which of These Two Famous Photographers Took the Better Image?

Lindsay Adler and Dani Diamond are two very well-known photographers, both lauded for their creative and striking portraiture and fashion photography. So, if you were to pit them against each other in a shoot-off, who do you think would win? This awesome video does just that, and you will learn quite a bit along the way. 

Coming to you from V-Flat World, this great video pits Lindsay Adler and Dani Diamond against each other in a shoot-off. Both photographers are well known for their work, but they both have different approaches. The most notable difference is that Diamond generally photographs with natural light, while Adler is known for her masterful command of artificial lighting from a single light up to complex multi-source setups. And while they both have starkly different ways of creating images, they both have complete command of their respective approaches, and it is a real joy to watch them both work. And beyond just being fun to watch, you can learn quite a lot by watching how they each light, direct, pose, and edit their photos. Check out the video above to see what Adler and Diamond created, and be sure to mention who took your favorite image in the comments! 

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