Why Blender Isn't 3D Industry Standard


In this episode, we talk about why Blender isn’t the industry standard tool.

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24 responses to “Why Blender Isn't 3D Industry Standard”

  1. Once they made Cosmos Laundromat it seemed they proved they could make a production-ready product. With Agent 327 and String it just showed it was not just a one-off but Blender can make these products at a professional grade consistently. So at this point, it is combating preference and entrenched workflows.

  2. Spent some time with Blender, had to get help to understand how to save a custom keyboard, they rewrote their own windows explorer and it didn't make sense what I was looking at when I wanted to save a file. Got that sorted out and was going through the basic stuff, I got very disappointed when I learned after creating a primitive object, it auto coverts to a mesh objects after creation losing it parametric sliders, uuhg, I was so disappointed I couldn't keep learning. Though it does have cool stuff, I like that it used game engine normal space, mikkt, and yeah it has a lot of sexy features, but the boring details don't seem to be worked out. But I'll give it another go at some point, i hope.

  3. In terms of money, a studio adopting "free" software makes business sense, but as artists I wouldn't be so quick to be excited by that. Sure, it means the company gets save that expense, leading to lower cost productons / bids, but I think it's an important distinction to make that you as the artist will not necessarily see any monetary difference or benefit. Your studio lounge won't suddenly have more ping pong tables. I personally have more confidence in a studio that can afford to give me the tools I want/need.

  4. A video showcasing mistakes in the workflow from tutorials, and how the real workflow would be!
    Awesome video btw, super down to earth, I started with blender, and I do my modeling in it, but yeah like you mention other tools help a lot I do textures in SD, and modeling in Zbrush, also even if its free I don't believe one software should be above all.

  5. As a Blender user, I think this is the most accurate opinion (if there ever was one) about Blender's Current State. Blender is still a work in progress and by no means holds a candle over industry standard software; yet. As long as we continue to improve Blender's shortcomings, in time we will have a new industry standard. Just don't hold your breath XD

  6. I wanted to get into this sort of thing as a kid then I grew up and realised how the industry is kinda fucked because they will spend thousands a year on a software just because its the "industry standard" ie studios are afraid to be called unprofessional because they aren't spending most of their budget on 3ds max just to texture a cube

  7. Matlab is the industry standard for data processing but fuck me do I wish it wasn't lmao. You have to be delusional to think that these big companies with a chokehold on the sector of industry they are made for aren't just doing everything for the sake of profit and couldn't care less about the quality or experience of the actual users beyond "how can I get them to buy the premium plan". It's almost guaranteed that if they have a yearly or monthly subscription as their only method of using the software they are just exploiting their users. Think about what's happened with Adobe.

  8. Well one big plus for Blender, that artistic people don't see with blender is the fact it's open source. Now why is this good, well as you said in the video, if an artist needs some feature for closed source software, their company has to contact the softwares company and try to relay what their artists need (this is a hard thing to actually do well, so it's good to be in direct contact as much as possible). But with Blender since you don't have to pay the licence, you can in-house hire developers and get them to fix problems and add features you need, I think this is the thing that will push Blender forward even faster, especial now that there is a lot of growing interest into it.

  9. “You can call Autodesk and get whatever you need fixed.” Said by someone who has clearly never tried to contact Autodesk. Autodesk recently visited our studio and spent several hours apologizing for the state of 3ds max and Maya.

  10. Die hard Maya & Zbrush user like you came to Blender fraternity that's prove the right progression of Blender to become Industry standard. we don't care about some pitfalls like memory management or high ploy management as far as it's free and save tons of money for poor game developer.

  11. Exactly as you guys put it: Blender is a great way to get into 3D and to learn a little bit about each piece of the pipeline. That's how I started, but have since moved to ZBrush and Maya and SP because their tools are more specialized for what I need and simply get the job done better and more efficiently.
    Blender is great, of course, since I'd have never gotten into 3D were it not for Blender! But a jack of all trades is a master of none, that's how I see it.

  12. I don't care about "industry standard". All of the 3d Artists in our company have Maya installed. Nevertheless I am doing 80-90% of my work in Blender. I've worked with Cinema, Max and Maya for over 10 years now but with Blender I am as efficient as it gets.

  13. The biggest reason why blender isnt industry standard is because in Asia, India and Russia, 3D artists will use cracked copies of "industry standard" software and won't have to pay for it…henceforth have little incentive to learn blender. If those countries cracked down on software piracy, you'd see a huge boost in use of blender world-wide.

    The argument regarding project pipelines is true on the surface but there are sub-surface issues with that argument when applying it to blender: it would no longer be freeware if it tried to do things the same way other animation/3d software companies do thing. The reason is because in order to for example blender to fit with nuke or Arnold render the companies making these software would be demanding compensation or see potential for profit in order to cooperate with blender and help them create things like plugins, linking and export features, etc which would ensure a smooth pipeline…it would not happen for free. Furthermore, Blender would have to bend their knee to hardware developers like Nvidia in order to make money and recoup the cost of dealing with other "for profit" software makers. For example, Nvidia has been pushing their Cuda Core technology really hard (in return they compensate the software developers who go their way) to a point where many software being developed won't render utilizing an AMD video card and OpenCL (keyshot 9 being one example). As it is and because of how Blender develops its 3D software that is not an issue and henceforth users have freedom to render using OpenCL and whatever technology they've purchased.

    I'm not sure what the answer is because doing things the way everyone else does would be the end of blender as freeware and end to clear distinction from everyone else.

    I think that putting an end to a stigma of it being "free" is part of the answer and simply getting more people to use it would eventually compell other industry software to start supporting and considering Blender as a potential piece in the pipelines they're trying to accommodate.

  14. I prefer blender over their Z brush. For me Z brush felt basic and incomplete. Don't get me wrong Z brush is nice but I find blender to be so much more user friendly, its not perfect but I find sculpting in blender to be smoother and faster and you can get the same quality of detail

  15. standard doesn't mean better

    goverments or banks still use programing lenguages , software that are old, unsecure because its really expensive to change them, really expensive to train people and it afefcts the "workflow" thats the reason wy blender is not the standard…. for now

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