Wildlife Bird Photography On New Years Day at North Cave Wetlands

In this video entitled “Wildlife Bird Photography On New Years Day at North Cave Wetlands” I head out to see what wildlife there is to photography during Winter at the Wetlands. Sadly at times it got really busy which didn’t help with the small birds, but I did manage to capture some of the wildlife during my visit.

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Oak Trees (Instrumental Version) – Likeminds
Sincerely (Instrumental Version) – Bird Of Figment

0:00 Opening Title
0:13 Intro
1:07 Go Pro B-Roll of Birds Feeding
1:50 Image One
2:00 Image Two
2:10 Plans and Go Pro Backfire and chasing birds
4:05 Photographing Black Bird
4:17 Image Three
4:28 Image Four
4:38 Photographing a Black Bird feeding
5:38 Image 5
5:48 B-Roll Bird feeding on berries
6:20 View of Go Pro set up
6:24 Go Pro B-Roll of Birds
7:31Image 6
7:36 B-Roll of Bird at feeding station
7:45 Image 7
7:51 Walking to another feeding station and update
9:31 B-Roll of a Robin
9:43 Update title
9:53 B-Roll
10:28 Update on situation
11:13 B-Roll of Birds
11:40 The Rainbow
12:05 Rainbow Images
12:16 End of video and goodbye message

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13 responses to “Wildlife Bird Photography On New Years Day at North Cave Wetlands”

  1. You got some really nice images on this shoot Martin, the blackbirds with the berries are fab ; ) I also liked the image of the goldfinch no.4 we get them visit our garden and they are beautiful little birds . Thanks for sharing , your new channel name still keeps cathing me out I almost missed this video Take care 😀 Teddy

  2. Nice video Martin. I have not tried to do bird photography other than the passing shot, which doesn't usually turn out. I will have to try to do this. I really liked the black bird with the red berry–I think that turned out very well.

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