• Thursday , 6 August 2020

You Get Four Shots: Patience and Payoff When Hiking With a Large Format Camera

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Large format photography is its own beast, with all sorts of considerations and technical know-how needed to pull it off successfully, not the least of which being that the equipment is often simply unwieldy. Nonetheless, that extra work is not without a payoff, as the resultant images can be full of gorgeous detail. This neat video takes a look at a different way of going about landscape images.

Coming to you from Steve O’Nions, this video follows him on a day spent hiking with a 4×5 camera. Because large format film holders are appreciably heavy, he only carries eight sheets of film with him, which equates to four total shots (he doubles up) for the hike, creating a markedly different shooting process in which every shot is carefully considered and O’Nions waits until the light is just perfect. Despite the added weight of the film holders and the constraints imposed by having such a limited number of available shots, he comes away with some lovely images, the details of which are astounding, as one would expect with such large negatives. It’s definitely a different way of going about shooting, but I think both the process and results are rewarding. 

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