• Sunday , 5 July 2020

10 Helpful Tips for Finding Models to Shoot

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You’ve got that fancy new lens and a great concept for a shoot, and now, all you need is a model. Finding models to collaborate with is an art in itself, and making sure you’re going about it the right way can be the difference between a successful shoot and a concept that is never brought to fruition. Here are 10 useful tips to get you off and running.

A big part of being a photographer is your networking skills. It’s very much a collaborative art, and that means your ability to succinctly and effectively articulate your vision to a stranger while simultaneously showing that you’re someone of proper capabilities who conducts themselves in a professional manner is a skill worth honing. Furthermore, you also have to know where to find the people you’d like to work with. This helpful video from Mathieu Stern will give you 10 tips on how to find the right model for your work, how to approach them, and how to build a working relationship. As you get better at this and you build a network, it’ll get easier and easier, and you’ll be able to draw on established relationships all the more. Happy shooting!

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