3D Modeling for Complete Beginners – Blender 2.8 – Part 1


Blender 2.8 3D Modeling tutorial for complete beginners.

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39 responses to “3D Modeling for Complete Beginners – Blender 2.8 – Part 1”

  1. You are awesome. I learned more from this video than any other creator I have watched so far. You stay on task, explain everything to your beginner audience, consistently. I wish I had found you first before I wasted so much time on others. Thank you for this series =)

  2. alt + s does not work for me either. Hitting s or alt after turns even thickness on/off, but it does not connect the edges of the bottom step near the hilt. Proportional editing is disabled…. Anyone else find a real solution for this yet?

  3. Hi, does anyone know how to change cancel translation: right mouse (press) to right mouse (click)? I want to be able to use right mouse drag while translating the object without canceling the translation action.

    I'm searching through the user preference settings in the keymap section but nothing I do seems to work. Anyone know how/where to change this?

  4. Love the vid but for someone who has never used the software you are very fast in the transitions of moving from scaling to then moving all within no time while I'm trying to keep up. I know I can pause the vid but just a viewpoint from me 🙂

  5. I would like to commend how you think this thru, i noticed the small detail where and how you insert "creating the bevel, duplicate polygon, xray, create a ring" and the loops on it. You are a true and efficient teacher, YanSculpts.

  6. Hurts my mind that there is no dimension at all;) Been using AutoCad inventor at work for 6+ years and im so interested learning blender.
    Somehow learning curve seems steep, is it really?

  7. Good tutorial, but to be honest its really annoying when you constantly refer to things as short cuts, this is extremely confusing for someone who is brand new to blender, short cuts are things people pic up on later down the line, we cant remember all the shortcuts from the beginning, you should really click the button, rather than refer to the short cuts, it makes it very confusing for people trying to get a initial basic idea of blender.

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