5 GoPro Hero 9 Photography Ideas in 90 Seconds

In 90 seconds I am showing you 5 creative GoPro photo ideas!

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In this video I am showing you 5 creative GoPro Hero 9 photography ideas:

GoPro Hero 9 Ping Pong Photo:
To get a very special GoPro Hero 9 ping pong photo you need to tape the ball to your racket. Move your racket with the ball as close as possible to your GoPro Hero 9 and take every 5 seconds a time lapse photo. That’s important to get the raw file, so you can edit the colors better.

GoPro Hero 9 Air Walk Photo:
Put your GoPro Hero 9 below any object you could stand on. Put one foot in the air, right above the lens and take every 5 seconds a time lapse photo. This GoPro Hero 9 photography trick works best in forests, as you have a really nice perspective of all the trees.

GoPro Hero 9 Selfie Stick Photo:
For this GoPro Hero 9 photography idea you need a very long selfie stick. Extend it fully and take every 5 seconds a time lapse photo. Edit the colors in Lightroom and that’s it.

GoPro Hero 9 Jump Photo:
For this photography idea you need to change the settings on your GoPro Hero 9 to the burst mode with 25 photos per second. Jump in front of your camera and choose a GoPro Hero 9 photo where you are in the air. Edit the colors to make the photo look more dramatic and then you have a GoPro Hero 9 photo, where it looks like as if you are floating in the air.

GoPro Hero 9 Vlog Photo:
This GoPro Hero 9 photography idea is great for a vloggers. Mount your GoPro Hero 9 on your selfie stick where you have mounted your other GoPro – in my case the GoPro Hero 8 – and take again every 5 seconds a time lapse photo with your GoPro Hero 9.

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