5 Potentially Harmful Photography Opinions


Photography tends to breed a lot of strong opinions among those who enjoy the pursuit, some productive and some less so. This interesting video essay features a seasoned photographer sharing five opinions he hears commonly that can be detrimental to photographers. 

Coming to you from Miguel Quiles, this great video essay discusses five common photography opinions that can be detrimental or toxic. Of them, the one that I find particularly detrimental is the idea that one photographer’s work is superior to that of another’s. Sure, that is not to say that we are all of the same ability behind the camera or at the computer; after all, we are all at different points in our photography. Rather, the point is that everyone has something to say as a creative, and when we get into the game of ranking each other, we tend to strip away or ignore those creative voices, and that can be a really demoralizing experience for the person on the receiving end of that, sometimes to the point of snuffing out a burgeoning passion for the craft. Let’s be more supportive of each other whenever we can. Check out the video above for Quiles’ full thoughts. 


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