8 Film Photography Hacks and Tips

These are 8 of my favorite film photography hacks and tips.

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21 responses to “8 Film Photography Hacks and Tips”

  1. For everyone who's useing a camera without automatic film threading (lever-operated SLR an RF): Always put in the film end FIRST into the wind-up spool and then insert the cartridge into it's place – it's much more easy this way round and saves your film from to much pre-exposure. This was the way the pro's handeled it for decades, while every camera manufacturer kept to teach it wrong within their manuals…

  2. Iโ€™m a dummy so excuse the dummy question, but if you can rewind the film and take it back to the frame you were on 2:46 then is it possible to take two photos on the same frame and have them merge?

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