9 Things That Make Leica Cameras Different

There is probably no brand that is more polarizing among photographers than Leica, with some seeing them as overpriced and others swearing by both the shooting experience and the unique look of the images. If you have never shot with one, this great video discusses nine things that make the Leica experience different than working with other camera brands.

Coming to you from Micael Widell, this interesting video discusses nine things that make Leica cameras unique, both good and bad. While I personally do not own any Leica gear, I have shot with some a few times, and the thing I always loved was the ability to see outside the shooting frame (though of course, that is something common to all rangefinders, not just Leica). Being able to keep your eye to the viewfinder but still see the scene developing before it actually enters the frame is a very different way of shooting, and it offers a distinct advantage, especially in unpredictable environments, which is likely one of the reasons Leicas are the favorite of many street photographers. They are certainly not for everyone, but when it comes to the camera market, having more options is always better. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Widell.

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