• Sunday , 18 November 2018

Advice on Distinguishing Yourself as a Photographer

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Imagery is more prevalent than ever, and as capable technology finds its way into more hands and more people become hobbyists and even pros, good imagery is more prevalent than ever too. As such, it’s harder than ever to distinguish yourself as a photographer. But it’s not impossible. This interview explores how one photographer believes that should be done. 

Coming to you from Adorama TV and Brian Matiash, this interesting video explores the idea of storytelling and why that’s so important in today’s professional world. The simple (if not uncomfortable) truth is that the gap between amateur and professional imagery is likely as narrow as it has ever been, while the number of people putting out professional-level photos is likely larger than ever. As Matiash details, it really takes a certain mindfulness and consistency to carve a unique identity that is somehow salient amongst the otherwise din-like barrage of imagery. I think knowing how to construct a technically sound image is only the foundation of a good photo; as he details, it’s as much about trying to share the experience. If a viewer remembers how an image made them feel in addition to how it looked, I think you’ve succeeded. 

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