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Amazon Responds to the Guy Who Got a Box of Stones Instead of a $6,000 Camera |
  • Tuesday , 9 March 2021

Amazon Responds to the Guy Who Got a Box of Stones Instead of a $6,000 Camera

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If you missed the original story, it was about a guy who ordered a $6,000 Canon 1D X Mark II from Amazon and got a box of stones instead. After he got a “replacement,” this time two bricks, the retailer responded with a result from their investigation.

Amazon said they’ve been delegating the processing of this inventory item (and maybe others) to a third party, although on your screen it says “Sold by Amazon.” The proxy seemed to have lots of spare stones and bricks around, that they had decided to make some cash out of them, but got busted. The corporation doesn’t share much detail on the case, but says they have taken the necessary legal actions. They’ve returned the money to the buyer and gave him a $1,000 gift card. The unfortunate vlogger got fortunate by purchasing his Canon 1D X Mark II camera from B&H instead and opened the box live during the recording of this video. No surprises, no drama. There was a camera in there, as expected.

Although he had that unpleasant experience with Amazon, he said he would still spend money there, but probably on items that are much cheaper. The vlogger hopes he won’t make any such videos in the future, but will focus on the topic their channel was meant for.

How will Amazon make sure this won’t happen again? Will they change their policy regarding “Sold by Amazon,” and will they make an official announcement about that?

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