• Thursday , 20 February 2020

An Edgy, Cinematic Look With ON1 Photo RAW

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Are you exploring ON1 Photo RAW, and looking to get the most out of all its presets and capabilities? Here, learn how to conjure a desaturated, post-modern look using the software. 

As you may have read on fstoppers.com before, ON1 Photo RAW is a powerful competitor to the Adobe Suite of photo editing software, combining many features of both Lightroom and Photoshop in a raw editor, including the ability to edit non-destructively, use a myriad of presets, catalog images, and shoot tethered. 

In this video, Jim Nix show us his workflow as he runs an image of a train in London’s Paddington Station through ON1 Photo RAW. Using tools like lens-specific built-in lens correction, basic adjustment sliders, Jim builds a foundation for a futuristic, industrial image. Accessing a library of filters to choose from, Jim introduces a split tone that looks somewhat edgy. Jim also ups the ante by enhancing a pop of color that adds interest. Finally, Jim uses ON1’s masking capabilities to add a subtle sunlight effect to the areas that he wanted to brighten a bit, as if they were naturally being lighted by the skylights of the station. The overall effect comes across as sort of industrial-chic and cinematic. 

Are you an ON1 Photo RAW user? Tell us your favorite features in the comments section below. 

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