Are The Golden Days of Pro Photography Over?

We all hear photographers lamenting about how great things were in the film days before just anyone could easily buy a camera and take a good photo, but are the golden days of this profession really behind us?

Having worked as a professional photographer for under 15 years, my career doesn’t go back as far as many pros who I know. I have friends who worked only in the film days, those who tried and failed to make the transition to digital in the 2000s, and those who managed to make a great career on the other side. 

I often hear people complaining that it is impossible to make a living from photography nowadays and that it should only ever be a hobby. Obviously, with it being my career path, I disagree with this statement. In this video, I go over reasons why I think people are unable to make it as a professional photographer: the excuses they make and the realities in 2020. The commercial photography world is about to go through a second huge change moving into 2021, so being aware of these things is really important, and having the ability to pivot and move your own goalposts will make the difference between having a career and losing a career. 

Do you feel that the golden days of photography are now long past us? Or do you share my optimism?

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