Autodesk Maya 2018 – How to fix a wonky IK handle

Is your leg IK handles going crazy in different directions? Here’s a solution that might work for you


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  1. This method was not conceived by the developers, there is a twist setting in maya, which must be associated with the bones, then you can set the angle of rotation of the knee without additional locators and connections

  2. thanks man, I have a question, when I create the handle, it automatically has rotation on it and when I add the numb circle to control it, everything fall apart, do you know why it has the rotation when I created it?. Thanks

  3. Not sure if my issue is caused by this, but when animating the pole vector, sometimes i create 3 keys, and suddenly after the second key it makes a quick off movemment, impossible to fix for now, any ideas?

  4. Hi thanks for the video!

    I have a question. When I pull the joint so my character is deformed. For example, I pull a joint in my leg and lift it, and it starts to shrink. I checked all orientation joint It looks correct (i think so) Does anyone know what is it?

  5. for those who are still having this issue, go to Deform- export weights, unbind skin, orient the ik handle so that it points in the right direction, rebind the bones, go to deform- import weights (make sure that normalize is turned off) and you'll be good.

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