Beginner’s Blender Tutorial – Modeling Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir

In this step by step beginner’s tutorial you’ll learn how to model Thor’s hammer Mjolnir in Blender. Download the files you’ll need for the tutorial here:

*IMPORTANT* When using the array modifier in this tutorial, I accidentally say using “relative offset” moves it up 1 blender unit when it in fact moves the object up based on the height of the object. Just keep that in mind.

If you want to try your hand at something more challenging check out my intermediate course “Complete Vehicle Production in Blender” at


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  1. Still would love a tutorial on texturing this. Your teaching style is concise and has a good tempo. I have a couple years of "playing" with Blender, and I learned quite a bit from this.Please, keep em coming.

  2. That's cool!.. A long long time ago I use to play with Lightwave and one of my projects I was messing with was.. Thor's hammer.. This was like 1999… lol Anyhow very cool to see you do it. Yours is better by the way.. lol

  3. There are other great tutorials on YT and this is not to knock them because their vids were excellent in their own right but this was the best one I've seen thus far. Clear, concise, good pace-great speaking voice and boy did I learn a lot. If you could see me mucking around Blender in the beginning you'd laugh your head off, plus I was using very tedious time-consuming techniques.

    The best ones barely touch the model, most of it using keyboard and interface. Anyways, thanks for this vid-I have some things I'm dying to design but my skills were weak. After I practice learning what you did and a few others I should get more proficient. That Jeep at the end was stunning.

  4. Great tutorial. The pacing is about perfect and your instructions are clear. However, I am having an issue with the SVG. I did everything like you instructed, and I have almost the same number of final vertices as you (7,550 instead of 7,551). However, when I press F to add faces, I get two faces you don't: two triangular shapes that (as near as I can tell) are the only two shapes that are completely enclosed within another shape. When I solidify them, they fill in so that their shape can't be seen from the top, but if you spin it around, you can see that their shape is being extruded from the bottom. I tried deleting their, but that seems to just remove the shape and fill it in with the other shape (which makes me think it's actually overlapping two faces). Hopefully this description makes sense. Any idea how I can avoid or fix that?  Thanks.

  5. Hi Chris, great tutorial. A few questions, do you have the files for the knots added to the hammer? At the end of the tutorial you use the matcap option to add colour to the hammer, when i tried this only individual objects of the hammer showed colour when selected instead of the whole piece. How can this be achieved? Did you join all the meshes together?

  6. I've worked with Blender for about 6 years and thought that maybe this beginner tut would not teach me anything. However, I discovered many nice modeling techniques that I somehow overlooked or have forgotten. It is always nice to see a different perspective or easier way done by someone else, especially when they are a Pro and can precisely explain it! Thank You Chris.

  7. at about 1:08:36 in converting the curve to an mesh: why not reducing the numbers of subdivisions before the converting? Would save some time, and the control is right there in the curve-panel to the right… (for what you are doing, you dont even need to convert it)

  8. Impressive tutorial! I only recently started to use blender to have some fun modding a game so I still have so many things to understand and so many hotkeys to learn especially since I have never worked with 3d programs before but this is going to be so useful! Thank you so much!

  9. @CG masters, I would like to know the recommended courses to become a hard surface modeler. This tutorial is really helpful and the jeep one is really good to (also the only car tutorial with detailed interiors). See, I'm working my way upto "Star Citizen" level of vehicle modeling. So needed some advice.

  10. Hi Chris,
    after 15 years with Cinema4D I'm still struggling with all the shortcuts and differences in Blender, so I'm always looking for good tutorials and yours is great. I did your tutorial today the 2nd time, and I'm going to buy your Jeep Tutorial. Even if I'm no 3D-newbie, I am one with Blender, and following along your great tut allowed me to handle all the differences I struggle with much better. Thanks a lot!
    Maybe interesting for you: Before importing the svg (1:07:30) I prepared the curve like I always did for Cinema4D and it works very well for Blender, too: In Inkscape you can decrease the amount of points very easily. I opended up your file in Inkscape, selected all curves and with Strg+L simplified the curves. After importing it in Blender the vertex-count was 5400 instead of over 88000. After joining the curves together and before converting it into a mesh, I decreased the resolution of the curve from the standard 12 to 10 – 4500 vertices. Going down with the resolution to 8 resulted in 3600 vertices and it still looked pretty good.
    Thx for the great tutorials

  11. Thanks so much for the tutorials! I hate to ask this cause I am sure its something I am doing that is stupid lol Even from the CG Masters website I cant seem to download any resource materials. this happened on the basketball also. I download the rar files open it and nothing is in them. It says the file size and the file type. If I click the files it opens in blender and its just the default square. Cant open it with anything else like photoshop for any other type of files. Every file I have downloaded from CG Masters just opens the default square. What idiotic thing am I doing? lol On version 2.78

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