Best Guidelines For Wound Photography | Wound Photography Tutorials By Wound Care Surgeons

1. Pictures need to be taken 1-2 ft away, parallel to the body.
2. The Joints above and below the wounds must be seen on the picture to determine the anatomical location.
3. Do not write patient-identifying information on the picture for HIPAA compliance.
4. All wound photographs help our providers to evaluate wounds.
5. WCS email address:
woundcaresurgeon@grnail.corn for new referrals and pictures
6. Wound Care Surgeons deliver advanced wound consults.

Wound Care Surgeons

1. Nursing visits are reduced by an average 50%
2. Dressing costs are reduced by eliminating unnecessary dressing changes
3. Reduction in cost at every level of the health care system
4. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, medical, all PPO, and IPAs
5. HMOs with approval authorization

For HMO patients, please send a PCP’s signed order.
Authorization approval takes anywhere from 3 to 14 business days PCP office must initiate HMO authorization.

Phone. 1-844-968-6363
Fax: 1-819-351-8126

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