Bird Photography – 24 hours in my photo blind

I decide to sleep in my photo blind to hopefully get the opportunity to photograph the shy birds. Behind the scenes about the wildlife photographer’s alarm clock and more. Open full description for more information.
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Location: Denmark
Day: 7°C (44,6°F)
Night: 2°C (36°F)

A few questions:

1. From where did you get the blind?
Home made – I got it from a friend four years ago. I have modified it a bit with a foam floor. It is really heavy so I had to move it to the field with a tractor and put it on some logs to avoid the moisture destroying the wood. I would like to modify it so that I have windows 360. I would like to make some changes in the blind, so that it is more comfortable to lay down in there.

2. What do you use for baiting the birds?
I most often use road kills that I find when I drive around. Sometimes one of the farmers has some bones after slaughtering – I also use that. I prefer road kills though because they are natural and because I move them from the road and avoid further kills of scavengers like craws, ravens and foxes. I have an extra freezer to store these road kills. I am very aware not to bait too often. Usually 5-10 times during one season. I do not want to disturb the natural behaviour of the wildlife by making them used to a feeding spot.

3. Is it bad for nature to bait?
The short answer is yes and no. From a “disturbing the balance in nature” it can be a bad idea to bait. But then again when it comes to disturbing nature, we humans are doing a pretty good job on that in almost everything we do, and I do believe all baiting can not be put in the same category. Feeding the birds in the garden outside your window is baiting, but I believe it helps some birds to survive in an area where people have taken over their habitat and replaced the woodlands and meadows with roads and concrete buildings.
It is all a balance and it should in my opinion not be judged as a right/wrong question. It is more complex.
I am very aware of not to bait too much and too often. My focus is on not letting the animals getting too used to a food source that they then depend on. It is more like a snack once or twice a week with months of not baiting.
Just my opinion and it might change as I get more knowledge.

4. How do you record through your viewfinder?
I use an Atomos Ninja V that I have connected to the camera. I find it rather difficult to use for general wildlife photography because it add both weight and volume. I think it is worth it though since it allows me to sometimes share my view through the camera.

5. What camera and lens are you using and why?
In this video I am using the Canon R5 for photography and the R6 for vlogging. The lens on the Canon R5 is the 200-400 with build in 1,4x converter.

6. Are you using Canon now?
I recorded the video just before I delivered back the equipment back to Canon. At the moment I am photographing with Nikon.


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