Blender 3D – Ideas for Abstract Renders

Here is a little slideshow that can possibly work as some inspiration next time you’re bored and trying to think of what to render.

Some of these models were inspired by things I have seen before, but because I work exclusively in Blender Internal Renderer – and everyone seems to teach Cycles – none of these are the products of tutorials, just a lot of trial and error.

Blender is a great, free and open source software that facilitate a start in 3D design for anyone, anywhere.

Anyone familiar with blender will know that there are several marketplaces for selling 3d models / geometry, but did you know that even things like this – abstract backgrounds – have a great marketplace online for use in designs, on websites and in print as royalty free stock imagery – not unlike stock photography. Even a beginner like myself – all of these are made within my first year of blender – can start seeing a return from abstract imagery like this.

If you want to get started selling your Blender 3D abstract backgrounds, visit this link;
and if you want to see examples of my 3D graphics within that marketplace, take a look at this link;

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2 thoughts on “Blender 3D – Ideas for Abstract Renders

  • February 26, 2019 at 12:23

    Very interesting stuff you're producing there. You might be among the "Last of the Mohegans" when it comes to Blender's internal render engine, but certainly, your renders seem very well composed.

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