Blender 3D Modeling For Unity Game Development – Complete Tutorial 2017

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List Of The Things You Will Learn:

1. Learn Blender From Absolute Basics
2. Import Blender Models in Unity
3. Build Example 3D Models With Blender
4. Add Materials To 3D Models
5. Learn Modifiers in Blender
6. Create A Complete 3D Game in Unity

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Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will need to build fully functional 3D Models with Blender and use them in Unity 3D game engine.

Build a strong foundation in 3D Modelling & Game Design with this course.

1. Learn Blender 3D Modelling
2. Import 3D Game Assets in Unity
3. Design Game Models With Blender
4. Design 3D Models With Blender For Practical Games

A Powerful Skill at Your Fingertips Learning the fundamentals of Blender and Game Design puts a powerful and very useful tool at your fingertips. Blender is free, easy to learn, has excellent documentation, and is the tool used for 3D Modelling & Game Development.

Jobs in Blender 3D Modelling & Game Development are plentiful, and being able to learn 3D Modelling With Blender will give you a strong background to more easily build awesome 3D Models for Game .

Content and Overview Suitable for beginning Artists / programmers, through this course, you’ll learn all of the 3D Modelling fundamentals and establish a strong understanding of the concept behind Blender 3D Modelling. Each chapter closes with quizes, putting your new learned skills into practical use immediately.

With these basics mastered, the course will take you through building different example 3D Models & Game assets with Blender to learn more about the process of creating 3D Game Art Assets With Blender and using them with unity.

Students completing the course will have the knowledge to create fully functional 3D Game Assets With Blender for Real Games.

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