Blender Bursting Bubble crowd render

Hi everyone,
I had a chance to work with crowd render on this project, This is a powerful tool currently developed to distribute the rendering process on multiple render node. For this project i used only two computer and it divides my render times by 2, this way i was allowed to render with full 3D motion blur and defocus on panoramic camera with decent render time.

You can find more about crowd render here :

i’d like to thank you James for your support and your time.

This simple setup is using dynamic paint to tell where the mesh disappear and where the particles birth ( fluid particle )
So basically the pellet hits the bubble and dynamic react and spread.

For those who are interested in the last part tutorial about the plane crash, it’s on its way 🙂 i have a lot of work at my job, i couldn’t find the time to finish but i’ll do my best to finish it as soon as i can.

Hope you’ll enjoy it,




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