• Wednesday , 8 July 2020

Blender Stackexchange is out in Beta

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Blender Stackexchange is out in Beta now. Check it out here:


Check what people are saying about it


Stack exchange cuts down on the excess and gets to the heart of the problem: Questions and Answers. It’s the best way to get quick answers about Blender.


StackExchange does a few things that BlenderArtists Forums doesn’t.

  • Edit posts that need a helping hand (formatting, spelling, content, title) if you have enough points.

  • See a vote tally, which is the closest you’ll get to an objectively graded answer.

  • It has nice enough syntax highlighting for discussing code snippets.

  • It uses markdown for markup, nice.

  • Comments on answers appear directly beneath the answers, and therefore are associated directly with them.

  • Heavier comment exchanges on a question or answer can turn into their own chat if things get lively.


StackExchange is a curated and evolving knowledge base that can be edited and improved by users who strive to fine tune information.



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