Blender3d: Live Random Robot Showcase

So in this video I’m hanging out with some close friends talking about workflow in some of my recent projects.

Also Im doing an exclusive robot video show some next level techniques that will be aimed to help people of all skillets level up.

Check out my sketchbook,


12 responses to “Blender3d: Live Random Robot Showcase”

  1. I would like to individual robot parts, say legs, shoulder, hands, and then connect them together to make a fully assembled robot. And for each individual parts, I would like to make them swappable. For example, swapping wolverine looking hands to normal hands. Is Blender the right tools or should I go with CAD tools? Thanks.

  2. Zbrush is a sculpting tool / texture paint tool , vs Blender 3D that is for 3D modeling , animation , fire / smoke / water effects , animation , physics engine, video game development tool, game engine, and more. Plus Blender is free vs ZBrush that cost money ! They are completely different kinds of tools!

  3. just letting you know that I think turning on screen cast keys would have been helpful for me to learn some of your simple but effective techniques, love the video's thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. duuude. i almost skipped my way through this one thinking i can't learn too much and then i discovered in the later part you were talking and shared some very useful thoughts! thanks a lot! … about the chipmunk vs dinosaur bones falling :)) though i'm mostly into zbrush i was sorry to hear that, i was secretly hoping you're of a different opinion ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks for the inserting a plane into animation idea, i once made some falling bricks kind of thing and just couldn't figure out a way to stop the simulation on an interesting frame.

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