Breakthrough Photography Announces Drop-In Filters for Canon EF-RF Adapter

The first third-party drop-in filters have arrived for Canon’s EF-to-RF filter mount adapter. Take your pick!

Breakthrough Photography has announced an extensive new line of drop-in filters for those that are adapting EF-mount lenses to RF-mount cameras using the official Canon Drop-In Filter Mount Adapter. The San Francisco-based company is offering filters in every category from neutral density to circular polarizers to clear, infrared, night sky, black and white CPLs, and variable NDs in kits or individually. Both their CPL and variable ND filters are competitively priced against Canon’s own versions, $129 vs. $250 and $129 vs. $360 respectively.

The new drop-in filters are dust and moisture resistant and feature rubberized grips for better handling taking them in and out of the adapter. A large adjustment knob is used on the circular polarizers and variable NDs for easier control and fine tuning. The filters are clearly labeled and color coded to easily find what you’re looking for among a group of them. Kits come with a case that doubles as a neutral gray card.

For more information on these new filters including transmission and color cast comparisons check out the Breakthrough Photography website. The new filters are expected to begin shipping in September 2020.

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