Learn the basics of photography. Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO. The fundamental big 3 you NEED to know!
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32 responses to “CAMERA BASICS!”

  1. Saved this video 2 years ago and I finally watched it today… really wished I watched this earlier cause this really made things a whole lot less scary. Most simplest explanation of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO I have ever seen! <3

  2. Im not even a beginner photographer,Ive actually been doing this for over 7 years now,always in manual.But I keep comin back to these old vids,especially now in quarantine..
    Much love,man.
    Quick shameless plug @imalwaystakingphotos IG xd

  3. My problem with all these videos on youtube are that they don’t tell you how to use it. They explain everything and I understand it. I’ve watched multiple videos of different people. But how tf do I use it. High f-stop is for landscape and low for portret. How low is low and how high is high. And so on… This is useless.

  4. I have canon 5DMiv, suddenly the touchscreen isn’t working for taking the pictures, but it works for video, how I make my touchscreen back again, as I don’t like taking pictures without seeing the objects on the screen.

  5. Dude this video just helped me understand how to basically use my camera. I was always wondering why my pics would come out either real dark or real bright. I just purchased a Sony A7iii (to start off with) and now my pics are getting better. Thanks a lot for this vid even though it’s 2yrs old lol

  6. I watched this video over and over about 10 times to try to get a good handle on the idea. But this is great for me as a total beginner. I had no clue what any of this did and how it affected pictures. Now I have some idea. Thanks!

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