Canon Just Filed a Patent for a Brand New Cripple Hammer

Details are emerging of a new patent just filed by Canon that could revolutionize one of its most exciting products: the Cripple Hammer. Brace yourselves, because the plans for this updated version look crazy.

Stepping away from its traditional mallet-like construction, it appears that Canon is planning to completely redesign the Hammer from the ground up, choosing to implement a double-ended claw hammer design that could make it trickier to use but will no doubt render the results more effective.

While the traditional head will be useful for continuing to hamstring well-established features, the claw will give users the option to pry them off completely as if they never existed. The double-ended design will build redundancy into the system in the event that one end fails — a useful feature given the need to simultaneously hamper and promote such a broad range of products.

Given that Canon’s recent announcements promise the launch of some groundbreaking technology, a new hammer is probably inevitable. The R5 has taken the industry somewhat by surprise, offering stills at 20 frames per second with its electronic shutter and insane 8K video that uses the full width of the sensor. With such incredible features, an updated hammer makes complete sense, with rumors suggesting that Canon will now be able to implement major new handicaps such as a 2.6x crop on 4K, 1080p video where the zebras are hardcoded into the footage, and with C-Log only available if you don’t remove the lens cap.

Speculation has been circulating that Canon has a high-resolution beast in the pipeline, with rumors varying between 90 and 150 megapixels for what could end up being an R5S or an R3. It’s thought that thanks to this new Cripple Hammer, the camera can offer such a high resolution because it is shooting solely in bitmap.

For the first time, Canon will be bringing animal eye autofocus to its cameras, though the new Cripple Hammer means that it will only work when shooting the pig-footed bandicoot, the Madagascan pygmy hippopotamus, and the Wondiwoi tree-kangaroo. Canon fans will hope that dogs and cats may become possible following firmware updates.

What would you like to see from Canon’s new Cripple Hammer? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Hat tip: Camera Conspiracies.

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