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Canon Says There Is Still High Demand for DSLRs, Which May Delay Professional Mirrorless Model

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Many are wondering when Canon’s primary focus will shift from DSLRs to its mirrorless line and in particular, when a professional-level mirrorless camera might be on the way. DP Review recently sat down with Canon for an interview, and they had some interesting insights that provide some illumination on the company’s future plans. 

DP Review recently sat down with Toshio Matsumoto, Senior Principal Engineer, and Kazuyuki Suzuki, Chief of Operations at Canon, to discuss the forthcoming 1D X Mark III and the future of the both the EF and RF mounts and mirrorless cameras. The interview features a lot of interesting tidbits. Perhaps most interesting is that Canon mentioned there is still a strong demand for DSLRs, particularly for the benefits of an optical viewfinder. In fact, when asked about the potential design of a future mirrorless flagship, Canon was not yet sure. Altogether, DP Review interprets the company’s responses as an indication that a professional-level sports-oriented mirrorless camera from Canon may be a bit further off than we had hoped, with most of the attention being focused on the 1D X Mark III as it inches closer to its release. There are a lot of interesting tidbits, though, so head over to DP Review to read the full interview. 

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