• Tuesday , 14 July 2020

Easy Clutter Removal for YouTube Videos

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As a fledgling YouTuber myself, I’m always interested in tips and tricks that can make my videos more professional looking. If you’re like me and struggle with keeping your “set” neat and tidy, this video from Drone Film Guide may be just the ticket!

I’ve always struggled with keeping my filming spaces neat and organized, and with two small kids running around sometimes I just plain fail. In this great video, Stewart from Drone Film Guide lays out an easy way to mask off the clutter on set in post! Watching this video for me was definitely one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments. The instructions are easy, and in a matter of minutes he makes the clutter disappear. Very handy!

The only downside for me is that he uses Final Cut Pro X in the video and I use Adobe Premiere. A quick Google search was all that I needed to do to learn to adapt the technique to Premiere. As a novice, seeing techniques like this in use can be very eye-opening, and gives me more ideas for my future videos.

Are there any simple, yet easily overlooked techniques you know that could be useful to beginners? Let us all know!

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